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Random Gift
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Welcome to Random Gift.
Sometimes it's nice to get a surprise, or something for nothing.
Sometimes it's nice to return the favour and give to someone else.

Giving makes people feel as good as receiving, so this community is dedicated to giving people random gifts, or random acts of kindness. Even if it's a preloved book, or item that someone else might like put it up here. Give it away, don't charge postage, just send it to the first person who says they want it. As a gift.
Also, it doesn't need to be a gift that costs money. What about a prayer? Or do you read tarot? Perhaps you'd like to write a poem for someone, or a song? Perhaps you can draw? Maybe someone would love an lj icon as a gift? Maybe an awesome cake recipe? Or do you knit awesome scarves? Maybe you make really cool origami that someone would like to put on their shelf at home. The possibilities are endless.

Membership is moderated, so I need to know you by association, or you need to know someone already in the community. Feel free to contact me and let me know who you are etc and when I feel comfortable that you arn't a lunatic you'll be able to join the group :)
People on my flist will automatically be granted membership.

No rules really. And there are various ways of 'giving' your gifts.
Get creative! As I said, it might be something old or something new. Remember that one mans trash is anothers treasure. :)

It doesn't cost /that/ much generally to send things, even overseas. But if you can't afford sending something right now, don't worry. Join anyway, and when you're on your feet you can maybe do some of the sending as well as receiving. :)